Fifth Grade

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So glad you are here!!

Ms. Unwin

I am very happy to be welcoming a new group of students to my classroom.  Fifth grade is a very special year as the children become members of Christ the King’s junior high.  There is a lot of energy in a 5th grade classroom, and I have a great time watching all the positive growth that students experience throughout the year.  One of my goals is to help your child transition smoothly through the academic, social, and spiritual changes that occur during the 5th grade year.  Although we may have a lot of serious business to get down to, this goal includes having fun while learning and creating a safe and happy environment for the students to grow.  

We work hard in 5th grade on being prepared and organized for each school day.  Communication between parents, students, and teacher is a priority that helps to achieve this outcome.  Knowledge of what to expect through the daily planner, teacher newsletters, and checking in on the 5th grade web page is key to keeping up on the happenings in our classroom.  I also encourage parents to e-mail or call with any questions or concerns that may come up during the course of this school year.  Together we can make this a very successful school year for your child.

There is a new happening in 5th grade this year. Our middle school faculty has been working together and  analyzing ways in which we can become a more cohesive unit while continue our mission of aspiring to academic excellence.  With that said,  I’m excited to announce that Mr. Stephens and I are going to do a little changing of teaching assignments. I will be teaching 6th grade English and Vocabulary, while Mr. Stephens will be teaching 5th grade math. He will be team teaching math with Mrs. Williamson, who last year added 5th grade to her teaching assignment.  As has been the norm in the upper grades for many years, the class will be divided in half for math, with Mr. Stephens and Mrs. Williamson each having 15 students.  Last year was the first year that this was done in 5th grade, and Mrs. Williamson and I considered it a successful year.  Students gained much more individualized attention and we saw a lot of gains in math scores.

As for scheduling, 5th grade will have math on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:10-8:55.  Due to our obligation to attend Mass every Tuesday, math classes will be held from 1:20-2:05 on those days. Students will be traveling to Mr. Stephens’s & Mrs. Williamson’s classrooms.   During those time periods, I will be teaching the 6th grade English classes here in the 5th grade classroom.  


I have sent home a packet of information in the Friday folder to help you get to know the expectations of 5th grade students.  Much of the information is also posted on the 5th grade web page and will remain there throughout the year.  Please check the web page during the year, as other items are added and/or deleted as we roll through the curriculum.  

If I have already had a child of yours, welcome back!  If you are new to 5th grade, I look forward to getting to know you.  And to everyone - God bless you all and have a pleasant school year.

Ms Unwin