Fifth Grade

5th Grade News

February 1st, 2019


CSW Mass Rescheduled: The new date for the CSW All Schools Mass is next Thursday, February 7th.  We will leave at 8:30 a.m. and return to school around 12:00. Please sign and return the updated permission form by next Wednesday.  

Vocabulary/Spelling:   We will resume our weekly workbook practice and tests next week.  We’ll be on unit 12.

A Gift for You:    In thanks for all that you do to help me educate your child, I have given each family a special “NO Homework Hassle Night” apple.  This is a gift meant for the parent(s) to use. It is a pass on all homework for that night. Please feel free to use this whenever you need to. I totally get it - some nights are just too much!!  It does exclude studying for a test the next day and for projects such as the book reports, or any project that was given a week or more due date. Enjoy!! NOTE: Please write on apple what assignment(s) you are choosing, sign it, and send back to school on or before the due date.  

Black History Month:   I have given students the opportunity to do a fun trivia/research packet for social studies.  There are 100 questions in multiple choice format that covers some very interesting and often unknown facts about African American history in the United States.  Students may choose to do some or all of this packet. There is no penalty for not completing the extra credit. Packets were handed out today and they are due on February 22nd.  The extra credit grade will be included in the 3rd quarter final grade.

Community News

Mother/Son Dance:   There is still time to RSVP  for the Mother/Son Dance on Saturday, February 9th & Father/Daughter Dance on Friday, February 8th.  Please send your RSVP to the main office with a check made out to Girl Scout Troop #449. The cost is $25 per family/per night.  Corsages are $15 each and Boutonnieres are $10 each.

Parent Partnership Series “Celebrate Calm”:  

Tuesday, February 12th - 7-9pm or Wednesday, February 13th - 8-10am

Learn how to parent with confidence and find out why over 600,000 parents and teachers have called Kirk Martin’s  presentations "practical, life-changing, relatable, and laugh-out-loud funny." Learn more at

I have attended one of Mr. Martin’s presentations, and it was excellent.  There’s a lot of humor and a lot of practical advice. I highly recommend attending if you can.  (Ms Unwin)

Next Week Tuesday 02/05: 8:15 Mass

3rd Quarter Interim grades finalized

Friday 2/8: 3rd Quarter Reports go home

6:30 p.m. Mother/Son Dance

Unit 12 Vocabulary & Spelling Tests

Saturday 2/9: 6:30 p.m.  Father/Daughter Dance

Friday Folder

Permission Form for Mass

No Homework Night Gift