Ms. Gail Caudle's Newsletter

Here are important admissions notes for eighth grade students and families....

  • Extra-time accommodations are available for the required placement tests at Ryan and John Paul II only on specific dates! Please, register early through each school’s Admissions page on their websites to secure a spot for your student. Those links are and

  • If your child has received extra time accommodations in the SSP at Christ the King, then your student will be eligible for that accommodation at Ryan on the dedicated December 2 testing date Please, register for that. I will send to Ryan a list of students eligible.
  • At John Paul II, you must provide a copy of your child’s psycho-educational evaluation dating no earlier than your student’s sixth grade year to qualify for extra time.
  • SCA applicants are required to take the ISEE admissions test. Several dates are available through the ISEE link on the SCA website. However, SCA prefers that applicants take the fall, December 2, test which is given at Saint Cecilia. The SCA website is Please register early for testing to secure your preferred dates!
  • Parents are urged to attend Ryan’s Open House on October 22. There is an eighth grade reception for parents at Ryan on September 22nd.

  • JPII holds an open house event on Sunday, November 5,from 2-5p.m.
  • Saint Cecilia hosts an Admissions Open House on October 29, between 2 and 4 p.m. Additionally, SCA will conduct four Fireside Chats at the Academy. The dates are November 15, December 6, January 23, and February 7. Lunch will be served during these opportunities to meet their principal, the admissions staff, and some current students for informational conversations.
  • Christ the King eighth grade has dates scheduled to visit all three schools during our regular school days this fall.
  • Please, check the web sites of these schools for expanded information.