Policies and Procedures

Classroom Procedures

-Enter the room one at a time, quietly, go directly to assigned seat, and be seated.

-Be prepared for class by having all materials on your desk ready to work. Have homework on your desk to correct or turn in.

-Students must ask for permission to leave the room. When students leave the room with permission, it is expected that they will take care of business and return promptly.

-Transition time between classes is provided for students to use the restroom. If a student needs to use the restroom during class time, they should wait until independent work time. If it is an emergency, the student should give the teacher a hand signal and wait to be acknowledged before leaving the room.

-When a student finishes work early or there is a classroom interruption (i.e. intercom, phone, visitor in the room), students should read a book or work silently at their desk.

-If the teacher needs to leave the room, all students will remain seated at their desks.

-If a student enters the room late after class begins, he/she is to go directly to their seat without talking. For an excused tardy, a note should be provided from the office or another teacher.

-The teacher- NOT the clock or the bell- dismisses the class to the next class, lunch, or afternoon dismissal.

-When a guest enters the classroom, students will stand up quietly by ones desk as a sign of respect.  Once spoken to, students will respond in a polite, respectful manner.

Morning Procedure (7:45 – 8:10)

-Students will go directly to lockers to put away books and gather materials for morning work and their first class/es (see Locker Policy below)

-Communication from home and Friday Folders are to be placed by the student in the proper location and Friday Folders should be returned to the folder crates.  

-Selected students will deliver communication to the office.

-During Prayer and Morning Announcements, students are expected to show reverence and respect by standing silently and participating when necessary. Students will not be allowed to do work, talk, or go to lockers during this time of reverence.

Hallway & Locker Policy

-Students are expected to be quiet in the main hallway and while at lockers during all times of the day.

-Students will take turns going to lockers per the teacher’s instructions.

-Time between classes is provided for students to gather materials from their lockers. -Students should be to their next class on time and prepared.

-Keep lockers and workspace tidy and free of food (daily snack & lunch are okay) and trash. Locker decorations should be on the inside only and free of distractions. The teacher will provide time to clean out lockers on a regular basis.

-Students are expected to remove ALL necessary items from their backpacks (lunch, snack, all books and homework at the beginning of each day.

-Backpacks should be placed neatly (straight up and down) on top of the lockers so that lockers look neat to visitors.

-Locker décor should be minimal –shelves and magnets.

End of the Day Procedures

-Students will be expected to update student assignment books for all daily homework and projects before packing up.

-Student work area should be clean and free of any trash or school materials.

-The classroom should be left neat and orderly, including desks in a neat row.

-During afternoon prayers and announcements, students are expected to show reverence and respect by standing silently and participating appropriately, when necessary.  -Students should stop packing up when prayers begin.

Homework Policy

-Homework includes assignments, studying what was covered during the day, preparing for quizzes and tests, and completing projects.

-Use assignment books and long range calendars to help manage time effectively.

-Submit a written explanation for missing homework with a parent signature, if you are unable to complete homework for a legitimate reason (i.e. illness, family emergency).  -Students will still be expected to work on the assignment during recess to show mastery of material.  Teacher may use their discretion when grading late assignments with parent notes.

-The Quality Work Guidelines & Grading Policy will be enforced for all assignments (see below).

-A Missing Work Log will be completed for all late assignments and will be turned in to the teacher in place of the missing assignment.  A portion of this form will be sent home to notify the parents and will require a parent signature.

Quality Work Guidelines

-Take notes in the appropriate notebook for all core classes. Anything on the white board/Promethean board should be in notes.

-Use the standard paper-heading format on all papers.

-Handwriting should be neat and legible.

- Use cursive handwriting for all assignments that the teacher will collect.  

-Papers turned in using print are subject to point deductions.

-Illegible work will be redone during recess and are subject to point deduction.

-A maximum of two mistakes neatly crossed out per page are allowed.

-Use pencil on ALL Math assignments and pen on major assignments (i.e. papers).

-Use correct spelling and grammar at all times.

-Papers turned in without a name are subject to point deductions off the assignment.

Grading Policy

Grading starts at 100% when assignments are turned on time.

Late Assignments:

Grading starts at 100% when assignments are fully completed by the beginning of the class period.

Grading starts at 70% on late assignments.  Assignments that are turned in within 24 hours or by the beginning of the next scheduled class period for that subject will begin at a 70%.

After 24 hours a student will recieve partial credit up to 50%.

How grades are determined: Homework, quizzes, tests, and projects will be used as assessments. The break down of the weight of the assignments is shown below.






Academic Integrity Policy

Examples of Academic Dishonesty include, but are not limited to:

Copying a classmate’s homework

Picking a portion of an assignment to complete and trading answers for the other portion(s) with a classmate(s)

Cheating on tests, quizzes, or homework

Plagiarism, or when one takes credit for the work of another person, either directly or unknowingly

Helping vs. Cheating: Students may help one another with homework assignments by explaining concepts and showing examples of work or page numbers. Students may not give other students answers or allow a classmate to copy his/her work. Under no circumstances may students help each other on quizzes or tests.

Any student who is found violating our Academic Integrity Policy, either knowingly or unknowingly, will receive an failing grade on that assignment and will receive disciplinary consequences for their actions in accordance with Christ the King School policies.

Technology Policy

Electronic devices of any kind (cell phone, tablet, mp3 player) should not be visible nor audible during the school day unless approved by a teacher for a specific learning goal.

Students who violate this policy will have his or her device confiscated and the devise will be held by the teacher till  the end of the day. The parents will also be notified. After the first offense, the divise will be confiscated and turned into the office. Parents will be allowed to pick up the device from the principal after the school day or the following day.

Supply Policy

-Students are responsible for their own supplies.

-Student supplies will be purchased by the student.

-Supplies should be brought to all classes.

-All rental books should be covered with book covers or paper covers.

-Students are provided with a detailed supply list before school begins and they are expected to keep up with and maintain their supplies for the duration of the year.

-It may be necessary to replenish or replace supplies throughout the year.

Absence Policy

If a student is absent for one school day or part of a school day, absent work will be placed in a designated spot in the classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to check the spot for absent work upon their return.

If a student is absent two or more school days, work may be sent home with classmates/neighbors/siblings or picked up in the front office at the parent’s request. Absent work can be picked up after noonl in the Main Office if arrangements are made between the parents and teacher/office before 10am.

Science Lab Guidelines

All classroom rules and policies apply in the Science Lab.

Enter Science Lab and sit at assigned location.

Touch materials only after instructed to do so.

Read all lab directions and procedures before beginning an experiment.

Use safety, care, and respect when conducting science experiments and handling materials.

Follow exact directions for the science experiment, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

Clean up lab area and materials. Put away lab materials in their designated location.

Bathroom Policy

Use the bathroom before school begins, during break, during lunch/recess, or during transitional times between classes.

If there is an emergency situation, signal the teacher appropriately.

Notify the teacher immediately if you are not feeling well or if they may be in the bathroom for an extended period of time.


Please reference pages 20-24 of the Student/Parent handbook. If you have any    questions please free to contact me.


Students in grades 6-8 will have buddies in grades PreK, 1, and K respectively.

Students will sit with buddies during mass as well as interact with their buddies for social events throughout the year.

Students may purchase gifts for their buddies using the following guidelines. A general rule of thumb is that we do small gifts/treats for religious holidays, and cards for non-religious holidays. Thank you for following these guidelines to promote equity and fairness between our student buddies.

Halloween- Buddies should exchange handmade or store-bought cards. No candy or gifts, please.

Christmas- Buddies should exchange cards, small gifts, treats, and/or candy* (not exceeding $5).

Valentine’s Day- Buddies should exchange handmade or store-bought cards. No candy or gifts, please.

Easter- Buddies will participate in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Students can exchange handmade or store-bought cards.  No candy or gifts, please.

End of Year - Buddies should exchange cards, small gifts, treats, and/or candy* (not exceeding $5).


The teacher will discuss student behavior or grades over the phone or in person, rather than over email.

Parents or teachers may request an in-person conference to discuss extensive matters, behavior, grades, or topics of a sensitive nature. If a confrence is scheduled, please bring this packet with you, and the Parent and Student hand book of this academic year.

Information that needs immediate teacher attention (rides home, doctors appointments) is to be communicated through a written note or phone call to the Main Office.

Due to the nature of the teacher’s schedule, an immediate response to phone or email messages may not be possible. Teachers will respond to voicemail and email messages within 24 hours, or the next school day.

Mr. Kenneth Stephens

Email: Kenneth.stephens@ctk.org

School Phone (7:45a.m.-3:15p.m.): 615-777-8926

Classroom Rules were made by the students and homeroom teacher, they are as follows:
  1. Be Respectful

  2. Be Responsible

  3. Be Positive

Please reference pages 23-30 if the Student/Parent handbook for other Disciplinary Policies

Possible Consequences for following the rules: (in no specific order of application)

Extra Recess,Homework pass, Extra quiet time, Lunch with the teacher, Carpet time during class, Sitting at teacher’s desk during a class period, A teacher surprise,Crown with Pride

Possible Consequences for not following the rules: (in no specific order of application)

Loss of free time, Time away from group, Student and/or Teacher call home, Fixing/repairing of broken or damaged property, Student/Teacher Conference , Logical Consequence

In situations that warrant discipline outside of the classroom the student will receive:

-A Conduct Referral

- Disciplinary action based on teacher/administrators discretion