Future Skills - Maybe not coding?

Skills for the 21st century - really, for any century
Posted on 10/19/2018
We're back! The world is changing rapidly, but you knew that. Many think that a focus on STEM skills and disciplines (science, technology, engineering, math) is the key to the future. But it turns out those folks need more imagination.

The National Catholic Education Association promotes an alternative: STREAM (science, tech, religion, engineering, art, math.) We strive to be a STREAM school, because while important, STEM skills are just not enough. We don't think you can have a full, rich human life without room for faith, or aesthetic appreciation, or artistic participation. STREAM is about the whole person, about the whole civilization, about what it means to live a faithful, integral, authentic human life.

And it's not just us - the broader world is waking up to the need for STREAM as well. This article from INC. magazine dares to look out beyond STEM's horizon to lay the groundwork for the broader set of skills our children will need for their futures. Things like systems thinking, empathy, design skills, ability to communicate complex ideas (going beyond the text message or the Tweet), collaboration and teamwork (athletics can be art). Looks a whole lot like what we mean by educating the whole person. Take a look.