Christ the King School uses SchoolMessenger to communicate securely and efficiently with our families. SchoolMessenger manages our emergency communications and brings you messages on school closings, but we also use it for more routine, general communications about news and events at school. Messages are sent to the phone numbers you choose, and optional email copies of the audio messages can be sent to the addresses you specify.

We upload your primary phone number and email address from your registration forms to the SchoolMessenger system, and we can now offer self-service access through the company's web portal for parents. Visit and choose the "Sign Up" menu option. Sign up with your primary email address. You'll be sent a verification email, and after you respond you'll be ready to login.

When you return to the site, set your role to parent, and you'll be asked for permission for the school to use the phone numbers on file. Unless you give us permission at this stage, we won't be able to send out our general messages. Customize your communications options by clicking your name in the upper right corner, and select "Preferences." You can specify additional numbers and email addresses and designate numbers as emergency only or for emergency and general communications. (Please note: winter weather school closing messages are sent in the General message category.) You can also remove numbers that are no longer in service. You will also have access to past messages for the previous thirty days for you to review if you need to. Whenever your phone numbers or email addresses change, log back in to make any needed corrections. 

You may wish to download optional phone apps for iOS or Android from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store (search on SchoolMessenger) but you don't need the app to setup and change your preferences - just visit and log back in. 

If you login, create an account, but don't see any information about your phone numbers or email addresses, it may be that the address you're using is not on file for you. Contact us at or call the school office, 615-292-9465, and we'll help you get logged in.

Please make it a point to remove any cell phone numbers you no longer use. These numbers tend to get recycled quickly, and we want to avoid inadvertently adding the new recipient of the number to our list. They're often not quite as excited to receive early morning winter weather closure calls as our Raider families are. 

Thank you!