Music Specialist

Julie Schwarz
Julie Schwarz


Hello and welcome to CKS music class! My name is Julie Schwarz and this is my 5th year here teaching at CKS, although I have taught music at other schools 10 years prior to coming to CKS. I teach all the classroom music and chorus classes here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and help the grades 5-8 cantors prepare for leading the congregation in song during school masses. I have a professional teaching license here in the state of TN and am certified to teach K-12 vocal music. I have a husband named Tim and have three children, Ava (age 15), Caz (age 13) and Bennett (age 10) who is in fourth grade here at CKS! I also have two dogs named Brutus and Louie. I love to sing, play piano, watch movies, go shopping and watch my kids play sports. I grew up in Wisconsin, went to UW Madison to study voice and music education and I love the Badgers and the Green Bay Packers!

When your children come to my music class during the school day (one time a week for pre K-4 and twice a week for grades 5-8) there will be some expectations, rules to be followed and consequences for following the rules or not following the rules. If your child is not in my class when scheduled ie illness, late to school, etc, their weekly grade will be marked missing for the week unless he/she has an excused absence or tardy. I will check with the classroom teacher, option C and front office to see if your student has an excused absence and/or doctor note. I do follow the diocesan music curriculum and need to make sure all objectives are met by each student by the end of the school year. If your child is missing the day I teach a certain objective then he/she has not met all standards required, that's why it is important to attend all classes unless your child is ill. We want everyone here to be filled with music and arts as well as academics! That's why CKS is the BEST school in the Diocese of Nashville!

Music class rules are as follows:

M make good choices
U use kind words and use equipment properly
S show respect and speak when the time is right
I Involve yourself in all activities
C Care for the room/instruments and cooperate with others

Hoping you noticed the rules spell out MUSIC!!!

The school is adopting a school wide Classroom Dojo classroom management system. Any consequences either positive or negative earned during music class will go into the homeroom class's Dojo system. These points will count toward your weekly conduct grades. Music class grades will be earned by understanding content (oral sampling and/or written work in the upper grades) and participation. Participation is the KEY to SUCCESS in music class!

I am also looking for parents who are interested in volunteering for various music events during the year. Performances include Grandparents' Day Nov 20, Christmas Pageant Dec 19, talent show during Catholic Schools week (end of Jan, beginning of Feb) and the spring concert April 25. 

Thanks and I'm looking forward to a great year! GO RAIDERS!!

Julie Schwarz
CKS pre K - 8th grade classroom and choral music