Welcome to Christ the King School


Welcome to the latest version of the Christ the King School website!

Our new School Messenger Presence platform should provide visitors with a better experience on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers. If you're reading this on a phone, you'll need to scroll back up to get to the black menu bar to expand our new menu options. Teachers have a broader selection of tools to use to stay in touch with students and families. They have more direct control of their pages, which now sport custom themes. Look for the classroom pages under the Academics menu, organized by homeroom and special subject groupings.

We’ve tried to simplify and freshen our design and to take advantage of some new features to allow for better and quicker access to information about what’s going on at Christ the King School. We hope you are pleased with the results.

We chose to “go live” on our new platform over the Christmas holiday break, which is also the break between semesters, thinking this would be a good time to make the transition. If you are looking for classroom materials from the old site that don’t seem to be here on the new one, please contact your teacher directly for assistance.