Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!
Mrs. Kristin Vance

Kristin Vance 

Welcome to third grade! We can all look forward to many exciting and rewarding experiences as the year progresses. By working together, we can make this a very successful year. You and I are striving for the same goal - the best possible education for your child. In order to do this, good communication among parents, students, and teachers is essential. I believe that good communication is directly related to student success.

Students in the third grade learn many new concepts such as multiplication and division, as well as beginning to write in cursive. My goal as a teacher is to not only teach the material, but to make it as fun and interesting as possible. With this in mind, I utilize many different teaching methods throughout the year to meet students' needs, learning styles, and interests. For me as a teacher, there is no greater joy than a student who is having fun and is actively engaged while they are learning new material. I believe if children can see that learning new things can be fun, then they will be more eager to keep on learning.

This is a transitional year for your child as they begin to take control of their own learning. It is important for them to feel that they are responsible for their own work and success in school. With this in mind, I ask for your help in emphasizing the establishment of life-long learning skills and attitudes. 


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