News Letter

January/February 2018

We are halfway through the year, and the kids are doing great. The 3rd through 8th grades are having health classes, with "safe and drug free" units. We are talking about carbs, proteins, and fats and their role in good nutrition. We're also discussing alcohol and tobacco and their effects on the brain.

Students are doing a great job in PE class. We're in a basketball unit right now, and students are playing three-on-three. Our annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw competition was a great success. Winners received trophy basketballs with the Knights crest, and will be moving on to the regional competition, and, if all goes well, we'll see some Raiders in the state finals.  

Basketball is in full swing, and our teams are playing well. We're grateful to our coaches for sharing their time and talents with us. We couldn't have the successful program we do without all their help and hard work.